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Our company name is derived from the concept that digital ecosystems and apps create the most benefit when they are open and distributed, just like the Web itself, and not controlled by a single company or cartel. Hence the allusion to a bazaar. This digital ecosystem is very much like a real world bazaar where traders are free to exchange goods and services with a low barrier to entry and relatively independent collaborative control.
We have spent the last decade investing our expertise in creating standards that support this central tenet, starting with micropayment technology that led to the JSON-LD standard, which co founders, Manu Sporny and Dave Longley created and currently maintain.

The last several years have been dedicated to solving the challenge of digital identity on the Web: how to allow individuals, small businesses, large corporations, and government agencies to cooperate in a digital world while providing both identity assurance and privacy.

Our vehicle of choice for this effort has been the W3C standards body, where we have been central contributors to new standards such as Verifiable Credentials, Decentralized Identifiers, and Secure Data Storage, all of which are necessary to create a globally interoperable exchange of verifiable data.

As a non-venture capital backed design house, we have a fairly unique approach to the business of technology creation. Being privately held, and focused on the long-term, we are able to give extra attention to enriching the public good.

Digital Bazaar Timeline


Digital Bazaar publishes initial JSON-LD Spec


JSON-LD becomes an official W3C standard


Published Credential Handler API


Decentralized Identifiers becomes prestandard


Creates Web Ledger Protocol


Import Certificate NAFTA CAFTA POC with CBP


Ran Organizational Identity PoC


IPR Data Rights Tracking PoC


Digital Bazaar Invents CBOR-LD


First SVIP interop plugfest with seven solution providers


Launched NACS Age Verification program

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Tuned to your needs

Our decentralized identity and verifiable data solutions are applicable to almost every sector of our economy. Wherever identity or data needs strong authentication across organizational or departmental boundaries, our technology platform is likely to be useful. The examples shown are just some of the use cases and market verticals that our technology can address. Ask us about your use case.